Bridging the gap between innovators and culture-at-large.


Through collaboration, innovation, and leadership, we strive to infuse every project and interaction with the intent to create lasting prosperity.






Whether you are an independent artist, small business owner, or freelance professional, achieving your goals in today's world requires a team of creatives who can supplement your vision to meet contemporary standards.

10.Counts is a premium athleisure-wear brand dedicated to crafting the ideal balance between apparel excellence and every-day use. Within the regional and local Indian market, there exists a lack of active and athleisure wear.

We developed a suite, consisting of strategy, logo, brand identity design, packaging, messaging, and marketing materials, which now enables 10.Counts to be seen as an avant-garde and innovative athleisure-wear brand, catering to the ambitious humans that seek to redefine their roots.

Med Lux is a medical luxury brand raising the standards of medical garments a.k.a. "scrubs".

We developed a brand identity, messaging, marketing materials, and user experience microcopy which now enables Med Lux to be seen as an nascent and inclusive medical luxury brand, showing the world that luxury indeed creates practicality inside environments that incessantly prove to be both mentally and physically challenging.

Digiwaxx Media is a music-marketing agency with a proprietary, free, digital music platform for DJs.

For 9 years we provided a suite of services for Digiwaxx Media including: integrated marketing, business development, project management, product/website development (U/X & U/I), event management and creative direction....In that time, we were successfully able to accomplish:A site migration and mail merge consisting of 65,000 users followed by two complex, iterative phases of front-end updates;Co-production of six (6) consecutive South by Southwest showcases with bills consisting of a minimum of 15 artists and max. 45 artists (Platinum & Grammy award winning headliners);Rebrand and administer marketing collateral for email and social media campaigns;Refurbish CRM and project management process for peak efficiency in cross-functional communication and deadline maintenance... And MUCH MUCH MORE!

Red Stripe Red Stripe is a 4.7% ABV pale lager brewed by Desnoes & Geddes in Jamaica. It was first introduced in 1928 from a recipe developed by Paul H. Geddes and Bill Martindale. It is also brewed in the Netherlands by Heineken.

We developed and executed a series of point of sales/lifestyle activation campaigns consisting of: tasting events, grand-prize-giveaways and lifestyle integrations at concerts and local venues. Event partners included Trap House and Hot 97.Additionally we collaborated with street-artist, Funquest, to develop a series of murals to be commissioned and painted throughout NYC.

Manhattan Soccer Club is a non-profit organization and the largest, most comprehensive soccer club in New York City, offering all levels of development and competition from ages 3 to 23.

From 2022-2023, we led and managed all aspects of the MSC website re-platform and redesign including overall strategy, page/content creation, site design, and UX; development and implementation of the digital roadmap strategy across email, social media, paid social and web; responsible for conceptualizing and designing all external marketing materials for newsletters, flyers and social media.

Alpha Environmental is an environmental engineering and consulting firm committed to solving today's environmental problems in a regulated community. As a company, their fundamental business is to provide high quality property transaction and environmental assessments for commercial developers and financial institutions.

We led and managed Alpha's website re-platform and redesign including overall strategy, page/content creation, site design, UX, UI and microcopy.

Urban Rootz Media bridges the gap between innovators and culture-at-large.

Our goal was to scale our visual design to fit the brand essence of being "sophisticated", yet "enlightened and chill". The logo system includes a symbol, word mark, and combination mark that communicate our values of creativity, quality, and innovation. The symbol is constructed of a repeating U shape form that also can be identified as a bridge when flipped vertically. The bridge represents the unity of innovation and culture as stated by the company as their reason for existing.

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